• We ONLY carry Vcaps so anything that is encapsulated by us will always be in a hypromellose (softwood tree derivative) vegetarian capsule.
  • We use biodegradable packaging and recyclable bottle materials.
  • Non-GMO rice flour is the only filler we use.
  • We source high quality ingredients and strive to have non-GMO, gluten free, no magnesium stearate, natural products.
  • Our products are manufactured in high quality GMP compliant facilities.

Don Buel had a vision for his customers…

To create dietary supplements that were cleaner than the competition and fairly priced!

… So in the 1990s, INC (Independent Nutrition Centers) was born.

Don got his start as the owner of a local health food store in Eugene, Oregon. His next project was to create independent buying services, which pooled the resources of the independent health food store owners to get better buys on products they were already carrying.

This successful model carried over another step into manufacturing, where Don started buying machinery, and today operates a high quality GMP compliant manufacturing facility in Eugene, Oregon.

This was the beginning of Independent Nutrition Centers. We do not use any toxic binders, fillers or excipients, especially Magnesium Stearate. The only filler we use is Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour, when necessary. This is a quality food ingredient sold in many stores, and it uses high quality NON-GMO rice flour.

Today, INC manufactures over 70 different products!