5 HTP – from Griffonia Simplicifolia Vcaps

ItemItem NoSize
100 mg Capsule1007360
100 mg Capsule1007290
100 mg Capsule10071180

DHEA with Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids Vcaps

ItemItem NoSize
25 mg Capsule223260
25 mg Capsule2233120
50 mg Capsule Extra Strength223460
50 mg Capsule Extra Strength2235120

Human Growth Hormone Cream

ItemItem NoSize
Four 21 Day Cycles of Applications100754oz

Libido Enhancement for Women Cream

ItemItem NoSize
48 1/2 tsp Applications100774oz

Progesterone Crème

ItemItem NoSize
48 Applications of Natural Concentrated Crème152oz
48 Applications of Natural Crème Plus Herbs148oz

Testosterone Therapy Cream

Is a topical crème designed to put safe natural ingredients directly into your system by applying it to the skin. This synergistic bio-available herb formula is high quality cream. Our cold process manufacturing technique helps protect the potency so the powerful ingredients can combine to help revitalize the body and give the results you desire.

ItemItem NoSize
48 1/2 tsp Applications100744oz